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Operetta Paper Clip Chandelier

Image of Operetta Paper Clip Chandelier


A modern ode the the perfect little feat of industrial design; the paper clip. Hundreds of paper clips are woven to a deconstructed steel framework system in a diamond hyperbola motif. A single Satco mirror bulb projects a patterned shadow on walls, ceiling and architectural elements.

The deconstruction process strips away all glues, adhesives, plastics and textiles from vintage thick gauge steel rings (of various provenance), leaving bare steel frames. The frames are sanded, buffed and left raw to reveal their past.

The small Operetta chandelier is made to order and outfitted with a ceramic socket or steel capped socket if you prefer and a simple white plug-in cord. Canopy kits are available if you want to hardwire to the ceiling just ask me for details. All electrical elements are CSA (Canadian Standard Agency) approved and are appropriate for North American outlets, but can be easily modified.

The frame measures approximately 16 inches in diameter and 18 inches in length and is shipped with a DIY wiring kit package at a discounted price. Orders of 24" to 56" diameter are available but require custom listings. Please let me know if you are interested and I will get right back to you with a reasonable quote.