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Helianthus Paper Clip Pendant Light

Image of Helianthus Paper Clip Pendant Light


Every spring, my daughters plant sunflower seeds in our gardens to entice the birds to the lawn. By mid-summer, I am amazed by the 7 foot flowers and their ability to provide sustenance, shelter and joy.

Named for Helianthus asteraceae, the botanical name for the sunflower, this one of a kind lighting sculpture was inspired by the overall shape and multiple helix pattern of that amazing provider the sunflower. The shadowscape gives the illusion of a surreal ceiling medallion, which looks at home in my Neo-Georgian house filled with mid-century modern furniture. This swag in ReDesign Technologies Moderna Line, measures 22" wide x 6" deep.

Like all of ReDesign Technologies' paper clip lighting, the structural elements are sourced from carefully deconstructed cast-off lamp shade. The paper clips form a patterned design of patinaed upcycled clips and shiny new gold toned clips. The wiring elements are all Canadian Standards Approved and are appropriate for North American electrical systems. Options are available for international systems. Please convo me if you are interested in this option.

Orders of 24" to 56" diameter are available but require custom listings. Please let me know if you are interested and I will get right back to you with a reasonable quote.

ReDesign Technologies offers a range of paper clip chandelier styles featuring various wiring options for all models;
1. Fully assembled at full price
2. Chandelier frame with DIY wiring kit at a discounted price
3. Paper Clip Chandelier frame only at a deep discount

This posting ships as Option 2 (frame and kit at a discount).